Hey Goddess! 

Cade Lauren is a Spiritual Lifestyle Mentor, Angel expert, Quantum Guide and energy healer. She holds space for visionary women to elevate their consciousness, open their channel to the Angelic realm and embody their most expansive frequency - whilst leading a spiritually aligned lifestyle. Cade supports you in experiencing radical self-love and acceptance... coming home to yourself, knowing who you're here to be and cultivating a life of divine purpose. 

She’s deeply passionate about all things spirituality, meditation, quantum energetics, crystals and embodiment ♾

Offers bespoke 1:1 containers, holds courses, programmes and creates soulful tools to support your ascension and calibrate to your deepest life vision🪞

Energy healing modalities include Angelic Healing, EFT, Quantum presence, and somatic/visual activation.

Cade is also the founder and creator of The Conscious Soul. The Conscious Soul is a spiritual digital platform that homes: The Conscious Soul Academy, The Edit and podcast. This is a hub where we share articles, resources and energetic treats to guide you to elevated consciousness.

Since following her soul’s calling, Cade has evolved her own gifts as a spiritual alchemist and continues to help others do the same.

Welcome to my world

Awaken to the light of life... then be the light of your life.

From radically loving yourself to the core and healing the limitations - to reclaiming your abundant potential and being an energetic match to your deepest desires... this is a magical space where you can come home to yourself.

Knowing how your energy radiates and reflects upon your lifestyle is the key - you are enough and deserving of your wildest dreams. We are so much more than our physical bodies, let’s nurture that.

I'm so beyond excited and honoured to have you here. I hold deep gratitude in my heart for your presence right now.

Cheers lovely 🥂 to healing, evolving, thriving and having lots of fun along the way!



Life Coach
Spiritual Life Coach
Angel Guide and Healer
Psychic Practitioner
IPHM member / accredited practitioner

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My story & Soul purpose

For the longest time, I felt like I didn’t belong. It was almost like life was a huge jigsaw puzzle and I was the only odd shaped piece that didn’t fit in anywhere. I remember thinking when I was very small ‘why don’t other kids feel anxiety? What’s wrong with me? Why do they get to feel happy?'. And that emotional hitting comparison carried through my teens.

My mental health declined heavily during those years, a lot of trauma came from that time. Debilitating anxiety and a whole lot of sadness took over the Cade I knew. But now, I realise now that my vibration just wasn’t a match for the people that surrounded me. And a lot of the suffering with my mental health was an outcome of that.

It was hard, scary and I had no idea if things would ever feel better. I spent so many years not feeling at home within.

I knew that there was this niggling potential within me. Something big. Something I can only describe as sparkly and potent.

Deeply, in my heart, the traumas I was going through didn’t belong to me at soul level. This is our truth.

However, there were a few blissful times through the period where I was struggling the most, where I did feel at home.

And that was when I was sat with my mum, giving each other psychometry readings. Pulling cards... downloading guidance... connecting with energies I didn’t understand at that point, at just 14 years old.

But I didn’t need to understand.

I felt a deep gift within me. A connection in which made me feel so GOLDEN, in a time where I felt so deeply low.

However, my loves, now, I am sat here holding the most intense gratitude. For the present, but the past too. I’m not afraid to say that I hold a lot of wisdom for my age, and it’s because of the divine path I’ve led to this moment. I know without those experiences, I wouldn’t be here doing what I’m doing today. I realised it was in fact my spirituality that was the light through the darkest of days. 

I’m lucky enough to hold a sacred space for awakening women all over the world... My purpose is to help others awaken to the divine light of life. I’m blessed because I get to shine my light and show everybody who’s a part of Cade Lauren Co that their wildest desires already exist in the Quantum and it's about coming home in order to claim it. That is a gift I'll forever honour.