Remote Angel Card Readings

  • Remote Angel card reading via private messenger and voice message.

    30 min

    40 British pounds
  • Remote Angel card reading via private messenger and voice message.

    30 min

    40 British pounds

You do not have to be available at the booking time for your reading, given the remote nature of this service. Your Angelic Guidance will be sent to you via voice notes between 9 AM - 5 PM on your booking date.


About Remote Angel Card Readings

Receive divine guidance from the Angels with my remote Angel Card Readings. I'm a certified Angel Guide who connects with Angel energies to channel your messages.


You have a choice between receiving your card reading via Instagram direct messages or Whatsapp messenger. Once I have channelled the messages from the Angelic realm, I lead you through that guidance via voice notes and of course, pictures of your cards for you to see.

This is a great way to receive the guidance you need without the ties of a scheduled call - plus your reading will be saved in our history for you to refer back to. Win-win! 

PLEASE NOTE: When you have booked a date, your reading will be sent to you at any time on your chosen day, between the times of 9 AM - 5 PM GMT.

Choose any time of day on the booking calendar - you do not need to be available when your reading is being sent to you. You can access and listen to your reading whenever you'd like to, in your own time.

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Flowers and Shadows


The Remote Angel Card Reading is a general reading, open to channel around all areas of your lifestyle. This is the perfect experience to hear what your Angels desire you to know in this present moment. Not only will you receive deep, impactful guidance from your Angels, but you will also receive actionable steps to put the guidance into practice.

The Remote Soul Aligned Business Angel Reading is a laser-focused experience on your business - this is for visionary entrepreneurs to help them take inspired action within their business to align with their most abundant, highest selves. Just like the general readings, you will receive both Angelic guidance and practical steps to put it into action. 


Who are the Angels?


Angels are non-denominational beings of pure and divine love. Their energies are multidimensional and not limited to space or time. Anybody on this earth regardless of beliefs or religion can connect with the Angelic realm.

I like to think of Angels as the Universe's (or source, the divine, God... whatever speaks to you!) messengers, guiding and supporting us through our human experience. There are no rules when it comes to connecting and working with the Angels - just enjoy their pure, bright presence full of love and support. 




Jade, Manifestation Coach

I was blown away by the messages that came through during my card reading! The way Cade structured the session made it really easy to follow along and understand - so much more information came through than I expected, I filled 2 pages of notes with personal areas I can start working on! It’s really comforting to know which angels are supporting me right now too. I would 100% book another session in the future


Liz, Intuitive Coach

I had an angel card reading with Cade and right from the start it was a really beautiful experience.


I’ve never had a card reading via the DMs or voice notes before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect.. but was put right at ease by Cade.

The cards and guidance really resonated and all of it was conveyed beautifully.

I loved that Cade also answered a couple of questions I had afterwards.

I felt wonderfully supported through out.


Becca, Creative

Cade read cards for me after a discussion the previous week we had. The guidance channelled through her was amazingly spot on and in line with the focal areas I’ve been looking at. Such clear strong messages corresponded with where I am now and how I need to move forward. The messages put me at ease with some decisions and showed me love including a bit of tough love by holding a mirror up, I felt very seen. I would recommend Cade, she has a caring and compassionate soul and holds gentle space for her clients.


Sara, PT & Coach

Thank you so so much for this! It has been such an incredible reading. I had goosebumps for most of it. It gave me so much warmth and confidence in keeping going and doing what I want to do. Because I know I will get there and I will help others!


Angelina, Business Owner

I absolutely adored my angel reading from Cade. She was super friendly and explained everything beautifully. The guidance she gave me completely resonated with what’s going on in my life at the moment and it’s helped me to gain clarity on what I need to focus on going forward while knowing I’m protected and supported by my angels. I’d highly recommend it!


Lisa, Meditation Teacher

Good morning lovely. I just wanted to pop you a message on reflection of your card reading you gave me last week.


First of all, thank you so much for your time. I wasn't sure what to expect from an online reading, but, I wasn't disappointed.


The cards you pulled and the information you gave me, was actually incredible. You knew so much and gave me so much guidance. I felt completely supported and heard. I can't wait to have another reading! Thank you, I appreciate your time and love.