Quantum Sessions

I use a potent combination of Angelic/energetic healing, Quantum vision practices and psychic guidance to cultivate a deep, sacred space for your healing/visionary journey.


These bespoke sessions are led to help you release, de-story and uncreate any energetic blocks, fears and limiting beliefs held within your system - then supporting you in tapping into the golden, infinite, limitless potential we all naturally hold within.


Through the session, you will completely align with your deepest truth, open your energy centres to receiving and release anything that keeps you from your most abundant life vision.

Quantum Session

The Vibe

- First, we will tune in, connect and discuss session aims. This will be the quantum mentorship element of the session.


- I will then call upon the Archangel energies I feel are aligned with you at this time, and begin leading a deep, bespoke quantum activation powered by your higher self. Here, we will tap into your infinite potential and align your energy with your inspired vision.

- We will then move into receiving a deep energetic cleansing, healing and opening across the chakras. An energetic release with Angelic support will then come into action, using breathwork, movement and de-storying activations. The intention will be set to clear and cleanse any blocks that stand in the way of your vision. Bespoke music frequencies will be used.

- After the quantum activation and healing, I will transfer any Angelic messages or guidance I received through the activation and end with an Angel card reading. We will also move through some personal, quantum embodiment actions to implement for leading with your vision in every moment.


- After the session, I will offer bespoke integrations for you to implement, with 1 week of message/voice note support.


Even though the Quantum sessions have a loose outline and energy, we move through the experience completely personally and intuitively.


I own gifts that allow me to tune in deeply to what my clients need in the moment, which alchemises into transformational, miraculous sessions. I will body scan throughout the session and check-in with what's coming up.

Getting Started...

Book through the booking form and choose a date/time available. If there are no times/days that are good for you, contact me: hello@cadelauren.com and we can discuss a mutually good time.

After booking, you will be taken to a questionnaire, so I can tailor your session to your personal needs and come into the space deeply tuned in with your desires/energy.


Sessions will take place via Zoom. Message/voice note support is through the app Telegram.