Sophie's Journey

Cade is absolutely incredible, such a wonderful person, a true gift!
I've always felt welcomed, at ease and comfortable around her. She has created such a safe space for me from the start. I know I can freely be who I am and share what's on my heart with complete trust.

Her energy is so nurturing, she genuinely cares and is such an attentive listener. She's always present, reassuring and honest. I absolutely adore our discussions, everything she shares is so on point, she knows how to identify what triggers me, bring to my awareness what I don't see and then shift my perspective. I've never had so much clarity before.

Cade also has such a unique set of gifts and tools. Her intuition never fails and having the chance to work with the beautiful healing energies of angels is a wonderful experience. The shifts and healing I'm experiencing with Cade happen on such a deep level. A transformative experience for sure!

I can't thank her enough, since we've started working together, I had breakthroughs I'd never imagined I'd one day have. I'm feeling so much lighter, free, at peace and more in tune with myself than I've ever been before. I'm coming back home to myself and experiencing this is pure magic. My past, present and future have never looked so bright. I can't recommend her enough!


'Feeling rejuvenated, welcomed and safe...'


'I'm moving within now, and that's down to you...'

Katie's thoughts...

I have loved, loved, LOVED working with Cade, so much so I've extended my time with her. She is so wonderful, caring and an extremely attentive listener. I always feel I have 100% of her undivided attention whenever I talk to her and her energy is just through the roof! There's something so energising yet calming about her vibe, and that's what drew me to her in the first place. I'm so happy I took the leap to work with her.


Jade's Experience

Cade helped me heal a part of my inner child that I couldn't do myself. She's incredible at what she does! I've noticed huge shifts already!

When we do the energetic work, our energetic reality shifts immediately.


'Growth feels so much safer and transformational with you'


'I had breakthroughs I hadn't even had in therapy.'

Ella's thoughts...

Cade has been the most amazing coach! She's given me the arse-kicking I needed (in the BEST way possible). Whilst giving the most incredible advice and being an all-around incredible woman! 

Her combination of coaching and hypnotherapy was 10/10, I can't recommend her enough!