Expand your frequency, open your spiritual channel and come home to spiritual alignment in all areas of your lifestyle

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The Ascension Experience is my one and only VIP 1:1 service for visionaries - who are desiring to open their channel, shed what no longer serves them and embody the spiritually aligned life they dream of with no glass ceiling involved.


A 3-month experience to activate and come home to the infinite potential you hold within. This sacred space allows you to TRULY tap into your fullest expression, meaning unapologetically living through your purpose and callings.

I work completely intuitively, meaning I work with my own spirit team to hold a space for exactly what you need.


This experience includes a potent blend of...

- Spiritual lifestyle mentorship: shifting your energy to an expansive frequency, embodying your soul's desires in the present moment and tapping into the truth of who you came here to be. Move through opening your spirit channel, connection and activating your intuition on a deep level

- Energy healing: using a range of powerful modalities to powerfully align the centres and dissolve any energetic disruptions, blocks or fears holding you back from your natural calling, abundance and vision

- Angelic Guidance: Call in your Angels to access their deep love, support and guidance - aiding healing, alignment, conscious creation and overall richness of your lifestyle

- Psychic practitioner work: Including spiritual guidance and readings to support your ascension



- Bi-weekly 60-minute 1:1 Spiritual mentorship, energy expansion and healing sessions (or more if needed)


- 12 weeks message & voice note support


- x3 monthly Remote Angel Readings to elevate your experience and set the energy for the weeks ahead


- Client portal: Notes, recordings, access to powerful resources


- Access to ALL current Conscious Soul Academy Tools & Products


- And of course... your welcome gift!

We can extend our work together if called to - I work with my clients for up to 6 months.


£1,500 PAY IN FULL or



Session: Bespoke 1:1 call - including spiritual and embodiment mentoring, energy healing (various modalities), angelic/universal guidance

Message Support: Access to me (messaging and voice notes) Quantum shifts happen in here too!

Remote Angel Reading: Through our messenger, I will channel a full Angel card reading to set the energy for the month ahead of us! 

Client portal: Notes, resources, recordings and call info

Meet your guide

Cade Lauren is a Spiritual Lifestyle Mentor, Angel expert, and Energy Healer. She holds space for those who desire to elevate their consciousness, open their channel and become spiritually aligned in all areas of their life. She helps you cultivate a lifestyle powered by love, joy, freedom and abundance… where you experience richness and your boldest potential.

Since following her soul’s calling, Cade has evolved her own spiritual lifestyle and gifts as a spiritual alchemist, continuing to help others do the same.

IPHM Accredited & Insured

Certified: Angel Guide / Angelic Healer / Card Reader | Life Coach + Spiritual Life Coach | Psychic Practitioner | Hypnotherapist


This is for


You are

- Moving through an awakening or shift in your life where you realise you're here to be, do and have more

- A lightworker who holds an inspired life vision, who's ready to bring it to fruition


- Feeling a pull to spiritually ascend, open your channel and expand your consciousness


- Ready to take the action and step into your Soul's calling

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You desire

- To shed the doubt, fear and blocks that hold you back from leading with your fullest potential

- To cultivate a deep connection with your Angels, Guides and Spirit team

- To activate your gifts and intuition

- To lead in the full, unapologetic embodiment of your highest self

- To come home to your natural state of abundance, alignment and power 


The Ascension Experience isn't about chasing, longing or running towards something in our external world... this experience is truly about coming home. Coming home to your natural state of connection, purpose, flow and alignment.


The energy that we lead with in this 1:1 experience is that you have the divine ability to tap into your wildest vision in this present moment, and consciously cultivate an aligned lifestyle that serves YOU. The present moment is all we have, so it's time to embody who we came here to be in our boldest expression and potential.


We choose to let go of narratives, stories and beliefs that tell us we can't.


We choose to heal.


We choose self-love, forgiveness and acceptance.


We choose openness and trust within ourselves.


We choose to experience ALL the richness life has to offer.


We choose this now moment and the knowledge that we are whole, worthy and deserving of experiencing all that we are.


Let's ascend together.

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If you feel that inner calling, head to the link below to apply for The Ascension Experience.


I hold space for just two clients at one time, so spaces are limited.


Have questions or queries? I've got you! Pop me over an email: or message me over on Instagram for all the exciting, inspired conversation.

Cheers to your expansion!